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Is wanting to be a stay-at-home mom mean I am un-feminist?

I always thought I would be career-driven, but as this little nugget gets bigger, the idea of being a stay-at-home mom becomes more appealing.

However, what is appealing could give others a reason to look down on me. Is there anything more cliché than a homemaker with her doctor husband bringing home the bacon daily? Doesn’t every modern woman want it all? The job, the house, and the family? I have the utmost respect and even a twinge of jealousy for the contemporary working mother; they prove to everyone that women are more than what years of misogyny have underestimated.

Unfortunately, this respect I have for working mothers makes me feel “less than” in comparison. My every thought about sending my son to school with adorably made lunches or picnics at the park in the middle of the day feels like a betrayal to women like Susan B. Anthony or Eleanor Roosevelt.

What I need to remember is that these women fought for our right to pursue what we want and are good at. I have failed spectacularly at many things in my twenty-eight years, but I know I’m good with children. I love making play-doh sculptures and reading children’s books. I even love cleaning up after the biggest messes because it means we had tremendous fun. This is why I am pretty confident that I could be a good mother and why it is something I would want to pour my heart into, the same way another woman flows everything into shattering the glass ceiling.

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