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We are Pregnant!

I am so excited to share the news of our pregnancy. Unfortunately, I am the worst secret keeper ever, and even though I knew it was bad luck to tell before three months, I still told my closest friends and family a few weeks in. 

​We are overjoyed to be so fortunate and can't wait to see our little one in 2023. Tanner and I have thoroughly enjoyed being a couple for the last four years, and we're excited and anxious to move forward with the next stage of our life.

I hope to keep a new adventure record on this blog. Here I will talk about my feelings regarding pregnancy, how I cope with symptoms, and products I am looking into for the baby. I will have a lot of stories and updates to share. So please feel free to comment when you can, whether it's your thoughts regarding pregnancy or even a kind word, I'll be happy to read it. 

Henry is obviously very excited about being a fur-brother.

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